Wave is a 6HP CV Generator with four connected Triangle LFOs.

The rate of each LFO may be adjusted with the dedicated potentiometers. Each LFO signal is supplied on the four outputs on the bottom side of the module.

The fours LFOs are connected to each other creating an LFO-chain. If the first LFO starts to fall the next LFO will begin to rise. If the second LFO starts to fall the third LFO will rise and so on.

This way you can set the time when a single LFO should start to cycle. Patching all LFOs into a VCO´s sound shaping functions you can create wave-like sounding effects that will repeat periodically. This module is very suitable for creating very slow cycles as the LFO rate can be set very low.

The state of each LFO is being indicated by the illuminated letters W A V E on top of the module. Each letter will light up when its dedicated LFO will cycle.


The main module and the expander consist of two boards each:


Wave controlling Yaksha´s Fate (4:20)

ST Modular 2018

Gallery Wave