Triple Tom is an 8HP Analog Drum Module. This Eurorack module offers 3 different drum voices, each with a different sound:

Each voice can be tuned separately using the TUNE knob. There is also a Tilt EQ available, that will either boost or cut frequencies. Please note that the EQ just has a tiny effect on the signal on the High Tom voice. This makes it easier to adjust transients while creating kick drums with all three voices at once.

Using the OUT jacks you may patch a single voice into the audio path of your system. If there is no cable patched to OUT, the signal is furthermore routed to a 3 to 1 Channel Gain Mixer. This will give you a summed signal at the MIX jack.

Use the VOL Knobs to control the presence of each sound or the volume of the MIX. The GAIN of the Mixer is set to have plenty of distortion available. If necessary you may adjust the GAIN using a TRIM potentiometer on the back of the PCB.

Using the TRIG jack you can trigger the Toms separately, the LEDs on top indicate if a sound is played. If there is only one trigger signal patched to the first TRIG, it is forwarded to the other two trigger inputs. As soon as you patch a trigger to the other jacks, this connection will be interrupted. You may disable this feature using a jumper on the back of the PCB.

The fun starts when you patch control voltages into the CV In jacks. This will slightly alternate the volume of each voice or generate additional trigger to the circuit (depending on the incoming voltage). This gives you endless ways of creating fine grooves and interesting rythms.


The module consists of three boards:


Mixing TripleTom Kick with SUM (4:33)

Triple Tom & Euro Kastle (1:00)

Triple Tom Techno1 (0:46)

Triple Tom as VCO (1:00)

Tiple Tom and Switched Multiple (8:55)

Clanches & Triple Tom (2:10)

ST Modular 2018

Gallery Triple Tom