ST Modular 2018

What for?

ST MODULAR is a non-profit project about DIY Eurorack modules and PCB manufacturing. There wont be any regular sales of PCBs on this page. My aim is to develope modules with new functional combinations in an appropriate size that no other manufacturer currently offers. My profit is the pleasure of building those modules and using them in my own case.

What to do if you really want a ST Module?

If you are heavily interested in soldering your own ST Module please check the following sites: Link / Link

What else?

Keep in mind: I am not a professional module designer and all my knowledge about electronics and PCB manufacturing was acquired through reading books and talking to other Synth DIY enthusiast.

There will be no assembled modules available at any time in the future.

If you got your PCBs you will need to solder 0603 packaged components. The PCBs are not necessarily designed to be builder friendly as there are very tiny components included (e.g. SOD-523 diodes). Therefore the modules are recommended to be soldered by experienced builders only. Successful construction, safe powering and necessary calibration of the module is purely your responsibility. You are solely responsible for ensuring the finished module will not damage other equipment that you connect it to. Damage to other equipment is your responsibility. I am not responsible if you injure yourself or others, or damage any of your property or others property during the construction or use of PCBs provided.

I do not offer or perform repairs of any type.

Questions and build issues

If you have any questions about your ST Modular build, please don´t write an e-mail, but post your question in the Facebook group linked below. This way we make the information requested available to everyone interested:



(for any questions not related to module building and availability)


Used and adapted schematics have been published under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 license or less.