USB PSU for Eurorack 300mA +12V 150mA -12V On/OFF Switch LED indication Skiff friendly 3U Eurorack module, 3 HP wide Power consumption: 5V USB Power

The module consists of one board and an aluminium panel:

Aluminium Front Panel Main PCB


3HP USB Power Supply Unit for Eurorack

This little module will let you power your Eurorack modules from any USB power source (5V). Just connect a B-Type plug into the USB jack and there will 300mA +12V and 150mA -12V available at the 2x5 male header on the bottom side of the PCB. Yes, you will need a power cable with 2x5 female connectors on both ends. Power may be switched on and off via switch. An LED will indicate the current state. This Power Supply Unit was designed to power one or two modules with low power consumption in very small cases.