LFOT is a Low Frequency Oscillator with optional High Range Frequency and Touch Control Function.

The LFO provides three voltages in shape of Saw, Square and Pulse waves. It can be used as a control voltage, clock source or patched into the audio path for drum synthesis.

The frequency and the frequency range can be controlled by turning the frequency knob and rate switch. Additionally the width of the pulse wave may be manually adjusted. An LED indicates the current speed of the LFO.

On the bottom of the panel you will find two touch plates. Using these you can “play” the LFO and  become a part of the circuit. By pressing your finger onto the HOLD plate you will be able to stop and reset the LFO cycle. It will start over again when the finger is released. The second touch plate PUSH is altering the frequency of the oscillator. Roll your finger from the top side of the plate to the bottom and the rate will be increasingly speeded up. Or directly press you finger an all plate parts and go crazy! After releasing your finger from the PUSH plate the frequency will smoothly recover to its original speed set by the frequency knob.


The module consists of two boards:


LFOT (6:14)

ST Modular 2018

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