Transistor based Analog Mixer 3x Audio channel, 3x EQ, 3x Mute Switch, 3x Signal LEDs MIX Volume Skiff friendly Wrong polarity protection 3U Eurorack module, 8HP wide Power consumption: 110 mA at +12 V and 69 mA at -12 V (with expander connected)

The main module and the expander consist of two boards each:

Front PCB Panel Main PCB


8HP Transistor based 3-Channel Analog Mixer Module with integrated EQ and Mute Switch

The mixer is especially designed to knead single audio waveforms, but will of course also handle more complex audio sources. The circuit adds some nice harmonic distortion to the signal with heavy clipping, if the inputs are turned to the maximum. As the mix is bussed passively turning one input up may result in a reduction of the other inputs. Therefore the output cannot exceed any other input´s level providing auto-leveling on high volumes. There are three potentiometers to adjust the LEVEL for each signal. Additionally you may change the frequencies of each channel by turning the EQ knobs. On top you will find MUTE switches for easy sound comparison or live mixing. LEDs will indicate if a signal is passed through. The LED´s brightness can be set with trim potentiometers for each channel. The MIX VOL knob controls the volume of the summed signal being supplied at the OUT Jack. Knead Expander is an optional 2HP add-on module providing a wider range of functionality without using an additional power socket. In order to use LEVEL, EQ and MUTE individually just connect the Knead Expander to the main module with a ribbon cable. This gives you additional three illuminated single outs in order to patch a single channel to your audio patch without being summed with the other signals. As channel three is connected to the other two channels via a JFET Amplifier, it can be used for amplitude modulation. This way you will get a very simple Waveshaper, VCA or Ringmodulator.