Gene is an Envelope Generator with an integrated Clock/Trigger Source.

The potentiometer RISE, RING, HOLD and FALL change the envelope shape just like an ADSR envelope. The Trigger Button lets you fire the envelope manually. Changing from Long to Short using the upper Switch makes this module more suitable for percussion enveloping.

In order to cycle the envelope there is an integrated trigger source connected to GATE IN. This way you will have an LFO kind of Envelope Generator. The Fast/Slow Switch changes the speed range of the RATE potentiometer from very slow up to audio rates. If there is a cable patched into GATE IN, the internal Trigger will be disconnected from the envelope, but still be available at the TRIG OUT jack.

Using the CV/HOLD Input you can change the rate speed and hold the trigger, if voltage exceeds +3V.

Additionally there is an inverted output inverting the maximum of +8V at the output from either +8V to 0V or 0V to -8V via jumper.


The module consists of two boards:


Gene and Filtering Werner (5:56)

Gene (2:29)

ST Modular 2018

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