Fay combines three functional units in a tiny 4HP module. It consists of a Fader, a VCA and a Decay Envelope.  

If you insert two audio or CV sources into the jacks IN1 and IN2, you may fade between both sources manually using the potentiometer on top. This way you can either mix two waveforms or switch between them.

The signal is directly routed to the VCA. Here you can control the volume or amplitude of the audio or CV signal either manually or via control voltage using the ENV jack.

If there is no cable patched to ENV you will be able to control the VCA with the internal decay envelope. Simply insert a trigger signal into the TRIG jack and use the potentiometer below the LED to control the decay length. The LED indicates the current state of voltage.


The module consists of three boards:


Fay & Clanches (1:00)

Fay & Delay (1:00)

ST Modular 2018

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