EURO KASTLE 1.5 is a 10 HP Eurorack version of the Bastl Instruments Kastle Synth.

It has all the functionality of the Kastle 1.5 with some tiny amendments to fit the Eurorack format. OSC mode and Rungler mode may be changed via switch instead of patching cables and you only have one input/output per functionality instead of 2 or 3 on the desktop synth. Though it has a Waveshape CV attenuator which is not available on the original Kastle.

Although it is highly recommended to buy Bastl´s desktop version, you don´t need to purchase the original in order to build the EuroKastle. You may completely source the parts by yourself. Kindly note that there is no AVR ISP header on the PCB. You need to flash the Attiny85 ICs before they are put into the IC sockets (e.g. using a breadboard). You can use any AVR ISP programmer to complete the programming process.

It runs on regular Eurorack power supply units.





The module consists of two boards:


Triple Tom & Euro Kastle (1:00)

Euro Kastle (7:36)

ST Modular 2018

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