Dillen is an analog cacophonic synthesizer based on the 40106 integrated circuit, the so called „Schmitt Trigger“ invented by Otto Schmitt in 1934. The IC has six different circuitry blocks that can be converted in oscillators just by adding a resistor and capacitor.

Similar to a „Weird Sound Generator“ (WSG) the Dillen Synth uses this six oscillators to create a wide range of sonic adventures. Additional filters and circuit shortcuts provide an almost endless range of settings in order to create unexpected sounds. The knob on the back controls the amount of current being fed into the circuit to push the chip towards its functional limits.

The synth also includes a little expander module which lets you directly interact with the circuit by touching two screws. It also has an additional knob, switch and pushbutton to adjust the signal.

The enclosure was made of a cable canal and the wooden sides have been cut from a cupboard ;-)



Video 1

Video 2

ST Modular 2018