Delay is a very simple 2HP analogue vintage delay. It is based on the PT2399 chip, but doesn't´t have the glitchy artifacts on long delay times. The feedback is also set to have a very moderate effect. Thus this delay is very easy to use. No more speaker crashing feedback loops and no crackling lo-fi noises while increasing delay time.

The module has a LEVEL potentiometer to adjust the level of the output. At higher levels you will get a very nice and subtle amount of distortion. The delay time may be set with the TIME potentiometer. Surprisingly the FEEDBACK knob gives you the possibility to increase the amount of how often the delay will be repeated. There is no dry/wet option here, but you can use the FEEDBACK pot to adjust the delay amount added to the signal.


The module consists of three boards:


Delay & Fay (1:00)

Delay & Franz (2:51)

ST Modular 2018

Gallery Delay