Cyllene is a 12 HP Classic Analog VCO with an integrated Frequency Divider.

Providing the classic wave forms Sine, Triangle and Pulse it is a very stable, accurate and marvellous sounding oscillator. Being a classic VCO you will have a 1V/OCT input, linear and exponential frequency modulation inputs as well as full control over the pulse width modulation option. Each of the last mentioned inputs has a dedicated attenuator in order to handle incoming control voltage.

Cyllene oscillates all the way from supersonic to subaudible. Thus this module may also be used as an LFO.

In addition to the classic VCO functions Cyllene also provides an integrated frequency divider. The SUB output jack will supply up to 3 sub octaves in relation to the original signal. The volume of each suboctave may be adjusted with the potentiometer visually connected to SUB 0-8. Using the switch SUB ORIG you can choose if the original signal or a generated square wave on the initial octave will be supplied. Additionally you can choose the source wave for the frequency divider with the SUB WAVE Switch.


The module consists of two boards:


Cyllene VCO 1 (4:18)

Cyllene VCO 2 (4:45)

ST Modular 2018

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