Chiasso is a 14 HP analog FM Drum Synth designed to create all kind of crazy and tonal percussive sounds.

The module has two oscillators that can produce either square or triangle waveforms. Each oscillator has its own decay envelope, pitch potentiometer and may be both triggered with a trigger signal being patched to the left TRIG input or individually using the left and the right TRIG input. A fade potentiometer provides the opportunity to fade between both oscillators manually to adjust the oscillators mix.

There are two CV inputs for each voice that don´t exactly track 1 V/OCT, but they are still very useful to alternate the tune of each signal in order to create very organic and moving sounds.

Additionally this module has two individual LFOs with square or triangle shaped waveforms that may be applied to the oscillators for frequency modulation synthesis. Both LFOs have an attenuator to adjust the amount of modulation and a RATE potentiometer to change the speed of the LFO cycle.

The audio output of each side is normalled to the CV input of the opposite side. The left side is connected after the VCA and the right side before the VCA in order to achieve different kinds of cross modulation.

The signals of both oscillators are being mixed and supplied at the OUT jack.


The module consists of two boards:


Chiasso Sound Quickie (1:01)

Chiasso 1 (8:30)

Chiasso 2 (5:13)

ST Modular 2018

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