Avail is an 1U 20HP LFO and 3 to 1 Channel Mixer for Eurorack. It is a combination of an LFO and Olivier Gillet´s 3 to 1 Mixer taken from his schematics for Links. It is designed to fit the Intellijel 1U cases.

The LFO provides three voltages in shape of Triangle, Square and Sine waves. It can be used as a control voltage, clock source or patched into the audio path for drum synthesis. The Rate for all waves can be adjusted by a potentiometer and a Range switch. The Sine wave may be normalled to the first mixer input via a jumper on the PCB.

To avoid clipping the 3 channel mixer has a gain of 1⁄3 per channel. It is particularly suitable for rapidly mixing audio sources, such as oscillators, but will also handle CV signals. Good we have an LFO directly sitting next to it! There are 3 inputs and an output for the summed signal being indicated by an LED.


The module consists of two boards:


Avail LFO and Mixer 1U Tile (2:42)

ST Modular 2018

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